Libraries are the cornerstones of knowledge, literature, scientific and technical research, and so much more. NIPMR Library acts as a bridge to the gap in higher education. It delivers content in new and innovative ways to enrich the learning experiences. This web page is a virtual repository of our library resources which provides a host of services for both professionals and students.

Books based on medicine, paramedics and education are the main resources of the library. It includes a range of collections on Physical rehabilitation, Physical & Occupational Therapy, Speech & Audiology, Special Education, Psychology and Social work. Our library is located in the third floor of NIPMR’s main building. It’s open on all working days from 8.30am to 4.30pm (Saturday’s till 3pm only). Books are issued till 3 pm every day. Books are arranged subject wise in the stack. Dewey Decimal Classification is used for classifying the books.

The library is automated with Library management software ‘Koha’, Online Public Access Catalogue is available over intranet. Reference section in the library provides reference service of costly and rarely available books. The library subscribes many journals and periodicals for enrichment of Subject/general knowledge. Services offered by the Library include lending and reference, internet browsing, access of online journals, reprography service etc.

What's new

We are happy to announce that Rehab Kaleidoscope, NIPMR's scientific journal, is now available Online

Dyna Med, an EBSCO Clinical Decisions resource, was named the top performing point-of-care clinical reference tool