Rehab Kaleidoscope

Rehab Kaleidoscope is NIPMR’s first initiative to publish its experiences and experiments in the form of research papers. This journal provides a good opportunity for the career development of professionals, to share their experiences with the public as well as the fellow professionals in similar organizations. This serves as a primary platform for advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge accumulated in NIPMR. Currently the country and the world are going through an unprecedented crisis because of COVID-19 pandemic. Nations across the world have gone into lockdown or work restrictions and the people are struggling to find the ways to fight the disease and its spread. Special Children are the population which requires frequent care and considerations, but due to this current scenario it is difficult for them to get regular therapies and training direct from the therapists. So in NIPMR we are doing Tele therapies with the help of electronic resources. And concurrent documentation is done simultaneously.

This issue of the journal covers various topics such as Stamp Based Adaptive Device for Numerical Assistance (SANA), which was developed by special educators of NIPMR, various tele therapy methods used in this pandemic situation, about quasi autism, ketodiet for epilepsy and how to manage hearing loss.

Volume 1

Issue 1